DD Spiritueux was founded in October 2006 after 2 years of intense research.

We were motivated to start up a new company mainly by the wish for a career switch, new challenges and longing to care for high quality products based on noble and carefully chosen ingredients. Mireille De Beers and Christophe both share the passion to promote the Walloon heritage of traditional products. It was the unique combination of on the one hand the knowledge of an accountant and on the other the expertise of someone working in the agro food sector, that made our products popular. This was the beginning of a real adventure with the mission to create eternal flavours and products

The very start of our business development is at the fair ‘Salon des Arts-Ménagers’ in Charleroi in 2006 where we presented a sweet ratafia with Vieux Marc de Champagne with flavours of peach, melon, raspberry and jenevers with lemon, pineapple-coco, pear, violet and plum. One year later, our range of flavours was extended with pineapple, red fruits, passion fruit and apple-cherry.

In August 2007, we’ve created a range of cocktails. Rum with hibiscus flavours and the first Belgian mojito with rum, presented in one bottle. We’ve succeeded to get in the picture  at the Horécatel fair in 2008. The competitors were astonished and unfortunately did not hesitate to copy the product with distribution on a large scale.

At the end of 2007, we have personalised different unique products such as ‘cornel fruit’ for the brotherhood of Wandalino, the ‘shake down’ for the ‘Rally of the Condroz’, the Cavalcade for the nursery garden of Thudinie and the ‘Coeur de Cuberdon’ for the old fashioned candy…

In April 2008 we reach a real peak : our jenever with ‘cuberdon’ is renowned ‘excellent product’ by ‘La Nouvelle Gazette’.

In 2009 we have consecrated our time to the research of new products and to the reduction of our production costs.

In 2010 we have produced six new liqueurs with cream: white chocolate, ginger cookies, hazel-nut, cookies, cacao and gingerbread.

With Christmas two new digestives were produced: a pear and an apple-cinnamon with cognac!

In 2012 it is Christophe Deligny who is leading the company. The Buzz and the Bubble Fraise are produced as a ‘3 in 1’ aperitif .

Today we can offer you at least 48 different commercialised products and many more to come… in 2013 there are different personalised projects in the running.